• How do I get started?
      You can call or fill out our contact form to schedule your first laundry pick-up


    • Do I need to separate my laundry?
      No you do not need to prepare your laundry for us. B&D Luxury Laundry will pick-up
      your laundry as-is and sort, wash, dry, fold and package it for you.


    • Can you wash delicate or specialty items?
      Please tell your B&D Luxury Laundry provider if you have any special requests or issues
      (difficult stains) with any particular items in your laundry.


    • How soon will I get my laundry back?
      Our normal turnaround time is approximately 48 hours from pick-up to drop off. But, we
      always have members of our team on call in case of immediate needs or emergencies.


    • How do I pay?
      Once we learn more about the laundry services you will be needing, we will provide you
      with a price quote that can be paid on a monthly basis via credit card or check.


    • What happens if you damage my laundry?
      At B&D Luxury Laundry, we personally handle every load that comes into our facility to
      ensure top quality results for your laundry. If by chance something were to happen to
      one of your linens, we would compensate you for the damaged item.


    • Where do you provide laundry services?
      We service all of Central Florida, including Ocala, Orlando, and more.


    • How much do you charge for your services?
      Prices vary depending on services needed and quantity of laundry. Call for pricing details.


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